Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Cleanse! The challenge is to cook simply and eat healthy & tasty

I like to drink chai while I write. It's a fact. It's a ritual as sacred and soulful as lighting a diya before I pray. It's a portal for me to enter a place that is navigated by all senses and inner knowing, not just by sight and mind and logical thought and words. This place is dark and unknown and vast, full of mystery and magic, but also full of fear if you're afraid of the dark, afraid of not knowing.  The chai and diya (tealight) ground me in the mystery and magic, and guide me when I'm lost or afraid, when there are no words and no writing comes out. I'm still me, I'm still here, I drink chai and breathe, feel its warmth in my belly, its cardamon flavors flowing into my soul. I can pause and reflect, and ground before I try again, seeking with my inner self.

On Friday I began a cleanse. This has great potential impact on my inner and outer self. For 3 weeks I'm quitting wheat and dairy, and onions and garlic, completely. This is a big deal for me because I have not done any food restrictions in a serious way for over 8 years. For the last several years I've been 60-80% gluten-free, but never completely. That was too definite, too scary, did not feel realistic and I did not want to live in New York and limit my ability to eat a NY slice of pizza when I felt like it! But, since I've had the time to focus on my healing more intentionally, and do things that normally seemed impossible while working full-time, I have more mental and emotional energy and openness for this effort. I'm excited! And very, very curious as to what impact it will have.

The general plan is oatmeal for breakfast, lentils and vegetables and rice for lunch and dinner, and a solid snack between those 2 meals. Lots of hydration - 4 of those stainless steel bottles. I am allowed caffeine and sugar (which is amazing!) but since there's no dairy, I'm not that interested in coffee or chai without it.

Day 1 meals -

Breakfast: A cup oatmeal with almond milk, and chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds. And 4-5 strawberries. Yummmm!

Lunch: Green moong daal khichdi (pressure cooked with white rice) with ginger , green chillies and lemon, and some simple spices - turmeric and salt. And eggplant cooked with tomatoes. Hella tasty!

Snack: Roasted cashews, raw pecans, sunflower and pumpkin seeds

Dinner: Same as lunch

Snack: More nuts and seeds, and a couple of pieces of dark chocolate

I drank 6 bottles of water on this day!!! A huge area of growth for me, so something I was really proud of and felt great flowing within my body.

This is full of newness, stumbling, learning, and being open to trying imperfectly. By the end of day 1, I actually felt amazing. I felt empty, which was uncomfortable, but it allowed me to see how certain foods fill my belly because I can't stand the emptiness. It's not hunger, it's open space. I slept easily and soundly (have had bad insomnia), and most incredible of all, when I lay down I could feel wind and my feelings flow through me, top to bottom, all the way to my feet. Usually those feelings get stuck in a hard place in my gut, and I can never feel breath flow to my legs. I had energy flowing into my lower body without interruption, and immediately I could see the power of the cleanse. I was committed to seeing it through.

Day 2 was also good. I felt a lot of mindfulness because I was preparing everything I ate, and it was all so wholesome and tasty. I was committed to enjoying delicious foods while cleansing, and I was making new recipes, or simplifying old recipes because it's without onions and garlic.

Day 3 started to feel difficult. When I made the new tasty-healthy recipe I was excited about, it was tasty but not amazing. I have high standards as a cook, and usually will keep working a dish until it gets to finger-licking yumm. This was solid, but not excellent.

New entree (for lunch and dinner): Butternut squash, carrots, green beans, and potatoes cooked in coconut milk, with mustard seeds, curry leaf and some green chillies.

Side: Lightly sauteed kale with orange bell peppers.

Day 4: I was feening for chai. It was Sunday, the city was slowing down preparing for the storm, and on my current funemployment schedule I have a lot of free time. I like to drink chai while writing, as I mentioned, and also while reading. So, I made vegan chai with almond milk, inspired by a friend. It's decent, thought not something I can imagine craving!

Luckily, other people eating decadent things like chocolate lava cake or garlic-sauteed greens did not tempt me.I enjoyed the smells, and their pleasure with their food. For me, I simply felt - this is only for 3 weeks. An experiment, I want to see if I feel better (less/no stomach aches and headaches, and better sleep and energy).  And I want to do it for real, no cheating. I'm really leading with curiosity this time, so eager to know what works well in my body! And I am enjoying the challenge of simplicity :) Which is actually a gift. I'm cooking simpler.

Day 5 is today: I am drinking vegan chai and writing from a cozy bed on this snowy day. This is a treat.

What I'm excited to do more of 

What's up next for cooking: Daal again (maybe red lentils this time, or brown - masoor daals) and eggplant again. That combo sounds simple, solid, and delicious. I am in love with eggplant these days. It's soft and light so very easy to cook, one eggplant makes a good sized portion, and it feels creamy and richly flavorful, which is very satisfying.

I need to expand my snack options beyond the nuts + seeds combo because I get bored easily. I did some online exploration last night, and have thought of rice cakes, plain or with peanut butter.

I also tried to make tahini but it came out bad because the sesame seeds were too old I think, it was bitter and tasted rancid. I'll get a fresh batch and try again. I may also make my own hummus without garlic.

I want to start going to yoga classes 2-3 times a week, which is an important component of any health effort. Right now it's zero/week, so fortunately, the stats can only go up from here. The snow is testing my commitment, so I will do some home yoga today + practice the dance routine I learned at my dance collective this week!

How you can help me! Please.

I am looking for more recipes - vegan and gluten free of course - that use basic ingredients, nothing too obscure or fancy. So, please share your favorites! You can fb message or email me, or call me too! A great excuse to chat - recipe exchange.

Also, if there are some basic exercise things that you do from home, whether regularly or when you're stuck indoors by weather, tell me what they are. I'd like to build a collection of options for myself. My default tends to be sun salutations but like I mentioned, I get bored easily with repeating the same things every day (something to work on in yoga practice huh? cultivating beginner's mind daily)

Stay tuned

In case anyone is curious, I am trying the Low FODMAP  + no dairy diet as recommended by my awesome nutritionist. This diet also excludes a lot of fruit  (anything with a pit/core) and vegetables (like cauliflower, peas etc. - some of my favorites!), so it's not just dairy and wheat elimination. It's apparently a great fit for folks with inflammation in the body (symptoms - stomach aches, headaches etc.) or what is more commonly known as IBS. It is also paired with taking a probiotic daily which helps build the good bacteria for digestion (I haven't begun this yet).

I'm not yet committed to this food plan for life, just trying it out to see if it really works for me. And if the results are compelling, who knows where I go from here.  I'll keep you posted. Cooking and eating occupies a great deal of my mindspace, both because I'm a foodie who likes to cook and eat out, and because I've had such challenges with how foods impact me, even so-called healthy foods. So, doing this cleanse and writing about it are a great way for me to externalize this huge thing, and to share the lessons I'm learning. Thanks for reading! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Life Purpose, and the Role of Healing/Loving Self within that

So, here's my understanding of how a human being is built, and hence, what the purpose of our life is.

1. There is a soul, a tiny pinpoint of divine flame, in our hearts. This is what we mean by life and consciousness. By its very existence, it affirms interconnection. We are all part of a larger fire of aliveness, which scientifically matches how we understand the universe - generated from a Big Bang, a fireball essentially.

2. Our bodies encase our souls, so we are living temples. Every day, we wash and clean the temple externally, we offer food for nourishment. Because we are also a vehicle for the soul, we treat it in ways that fuel a machine too. Recharging batteries by rest, water, food, and mobility is a part of our function and aliveness.

3. We are not here to live the body, the body is here as a vehicle for the soul's purpose. So, our purpose in life is embedded in the soul. It's already in there, we may or may not consciously be aware (yet), but because it's there and it's our essence, it reveals itself in our natural talents & gifts, what some people call aptitude.

4. What we are here to do and be matches what the world needs from us.  Living our purpose gives us an outlet for own creative energies, and it is a necessary & beautiful cog in the universal wheel. I often hesitated at the thought of indulging my creative desires, but they were deep yearnings, which I felt compelled to follow and release into the world, without which I felt backed up and stagnant.  When I am living using all my gifts, I am flowing with life and able to offer more creative thinking and expansive energy to all that I do, even things that are simply necessary or chores. Sharing our gifts rounds us out, so we are acting in more whole ways.

5. In order to live fully and to contribute the best of our essence, we all need to heal in an ongoing manner. Just like being free as a child is full of playing and falling down and exploring and getting hurt and learning about the world, so it is being a human of any age. We live, we learn, things happen, we have accidents, we make mistakes, other people are living and learning too, and through all our interactions we each have things to heal from - each of which serve a learning purpose. Fortunately, because the soul can never be harmed, everything else can be unlearned or released and re-learned in new ways. Healing is inevitable because we are already whole, always and forever. So, our inner wisdom guides our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing, our journey towards becoming pure light.  What we can consciously do to support the journey is listen to our inner selves, and respond accordingly, to the best of our ability. This process involves a LOT of people and requires a lot of support.

6. As we heal, we grow. We grow in all possible ways. Our hearts are bigger, stronger, more flexible muscles. We can open more, we can do more, we can receive more, we can follow the guidance we receive, we have greater capacity to learn new things. All of these abilities enhance our life-purpose fulfillment. We are able to recover more fluidly from setbacks, and we can do all this while retaining our glowing essence. This process evolves us as human beings, and that's the greater purpose of living - living our full potential, recovering our full humanity, and offering something that makes the world better. We love ourselves, we love the world, we work to heal and beautify our home, and it loves and nourishes us back. We have received, we continue to give.... the cycle of life is an expanding spiral.

7. Loving ourselves is an important part of this recipe. It is not selfish, it is our responsibility, and a part of our contribution to offer the best possible version of ourselves to the world. Nobody else can do that for us, and everybody feels the impact if we don't do that work on ourselves. Loving ourselves is similar to a parent loving a child - taking care of basic needs but also moral and emotional development, living by our values, taking feedback and self-improvement work, playing, laughing, and building good friendships.

Thank you to everyone who has been offering so much insight and clarity to me, as I have been deep in life-purpose questions. I offer this blog post from all of those learnings, and with gratitude for your wisdoms and sharing.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

To Heal is to Reclaim your Essential Self

to heal is to reclaim your essential self.

i have finally come to cherish that i am a goddess of survival.  and i realize it makes me very happy to share the acquired skills and learnings/ wisdoms from my own experiences, that can perhaps shine light on your own path. given this, here's a little update on what i'm upto these days, and what insights it's providing me.

i have been in a period of slowing down, post job resignation. slowing down was scary at first. i wanted to keep going hard, set personal goals and pushing myself to "do something" with my free time. but then, as i was encouraged by people who love me to actually relax and take it easy for a change, and to focus on my own much-needed healing, i surrendered to it. i appreciated the feedback and support, and dove in, at my own slow pace that changes from day to day.

i am sleeping a lot, going to yoga community classes, getting acupuncture and massage treatments, writing and seeing friends. i usually watch an episode of some TV show in the evenings. i look forward to this kind of distraction relaxation time too.

yes, this whole package is as dreamy as it sounds. and i'm super blessed to have the means to access all this healing.  but the line i'm holding for myself (and pushed by my dear brilliant healer friend) is not just to do self-care, but to actually work on healing trauma. this requires therapy, but it also requires being present to when hard feelings come up during the day. because of my free time, i can choose to do anything when hard stuff comes up. i can watch TV, or eat, or avoid in many ways. but the intention of all this space is to actually create a "healing room" emotionally, that can allow pause whenever needed and to actually lean into the discomfort, instead of dealing with it with my usual busy-ness.

to heal is to reclaim your essential self. my essence thrives on joy and being with people, and love and laughter, dancing, singing and praying, cooking and eating festively, playing, and doing exciting fun things physically. so, while i want to immediately do all these things and hence live my version of a happy life, i often don't feel like doing any of it.  that's because wounds become hard places when stuck inside the body, they become scar tissue and pain, from lack of light and love and touch and attention.

so, the reason to pay attention to painful and uncomfortable feelings is to keep everything moving up and out of the body and spirit. when i allow myself to do that, when i work on the actual issues causing me pain, i'm healing from the inside out. it's the complementary act to doing things externally that bring me joy.

in conclusion, i recommend doing both - inner healing + outer activities that make you happy. both of these things can happen partly in solitude, and partly with good company.

Some tips to heal is to reclaim your essential self - 

Part 1) Do an activity. . Sit down comfortably, close your eyes, breathe, put your hands on your heart or on your knees, and think back to some happy, carefree memories as a child. This can be hard to reach for, for some of us, but try. Imagine for a few minutes and float across a few different scenes or young ages, at home, in school, with family, with friends, by yourself, outdoors, indoors etc. Then, when you are ready to open your eyes, write down the words that come up from scenes you saw. Perhaps they are words like sunlight, laughter, daal and rice, my sister.... or a completely different set of words or feeling. Allow all/any words, don't censor. Then, write down a bunch of qualities that you see as your essence - I am ____ (playful, insightful, kind, quirky..... anything!)

Now that you've discovered your essence, you can put this up somewhere, and probably you'll add some things to it in the next few days.

Part 2) Similarly, you can ask some people you know who are close to you and know you well from a variety of life experiences (childhood friends, highschool, college, current friends, former teachers, mentors, coworkers, your health practitioners, yoga teachers, acupuncturist etc.). Ask them - what are the top 3-5 things that come to mind when you think of me? Make this list. Depending on how many people you ask, you may have several lists. Look for the common themes. Do these match your own description of your essence? It doesn't matter if they do or don't. Either way, these are insightful exercises into how you see yourself deeply, and how you show up in the world and are seen by others. Both perspectives are valuable.

Part 3) Choose what you want to cultivate, and identify some activities that will help you do that.  Some of these may be quick and easy (like I want to play more!), or require commitment and deeper work in the longer term (like I want to be kinder, or more patient). Start anywhere, keep it small and focused, and simple to begin with.

Always remember that you are doing this to reclaim/liberate your essential self, which is a powerful act of self-love and freedom.

Lots of love and light in the new year to everyone.

Love means responding

I have a habit of doing too much once I get going. In that zone, I feel like Superwoman. I feel that I can do all the things, and that I must. Then I end up with a splitting headache or back breaking pain.

I could be energized, and do a lot, and when I FEEL something in my body/self, commit to responding. I'm at least as important as everyone else in the world. And I am more responsible for myself than others.

Love means caring about what happens to someone you care about, and responding as best as you can, even when that someone is you.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Challenges can make you Shine

Challenges make life more interesting.

You'll eventually learn that you'll get through the really hard thing, one way or another. You may/probably have a higher stake in one outcome, so you put your weight behind one path. Or perhaps you're too afraid you'll lose/ not get what you want, that you're afraid too care by putting in the effort. What if it's a waste? There is no such thing as time wasted. Or energy. These are infinite and cyclical things that repeat and revolve continuously. There is a flow, but it is always new and old, and it always transforms. Life is in the motion of it.

Not knowing. You could relish this excitement, flutter your gut with anticipation, you could tell everyone, that you care too much so much.

You could also approach this not knowing with apprehension. That's perfectly natural, fear of the unknown makes sense and we all do it. Try not to let it grip you :) The more we surrender to it, the stronger it gets, like a snake wrapped around you that's growing stronger as you grow weaker. Try to remember that nothing is permanent. That's it. {Writing that on the wall or your body may help you remember.}

Life is fun. Yes, there are tragedies past and current traumas unfolding, but we all live joy too. Those moments of time with our loved ones, in dim and sparkly lights, or on a hot beach day, the warmth of a slumber party after the after-party, those are the moments that keep our spark alive. This feeling of LOVE and being connected to other human beings, that is the feeling of joy.

A star. Something that has been dead a long time can forward a shine to the water it has never met. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

"Sweetlife: the intersection of passion and purpose” - sweet green

today i write from where i am. on a plane, with nothing coherent to write about, but infinite time to manifest the intention to write. i could not connect with it at first. i started at paper, pen in hand, for a long time. i wrote a few words restlessly, not feeling much but irritation.

then i read. i read several e-magazines i had saved on my computer a long time. for those of you who write, have you ever noticed that reading inspires writing? for those of you who dance, have you ever noticed that listening to music gets the beat flowing in your body until you move?

reading flowed and i realized i was seeing answers to the unnamed questions that make me restless.

what is my purpose in life?

what is happiness?

i feel peace, and an opening, what do i do now?

i have many passions and talents. what do i pursue?

the theme of the answers was that the heart is the center of life and living, and the heart beats love. even divinity is love, infinite love in every direction. so following my passion is to follow my heart. it is to feel my heart, to slow down to listen to my heart, to respond, to stay present and patient in a dialogue that takes places over years, over a lifetime and then some.

another theme/unspoken-question-answer -  i’ve been yearning for guidance on a nutrition philosophy and action plan. given my body’s sensitivities and needs, what do i eat to nourish my life force? how do i not eat/drink what i’m not supposed to? i hate setting food limitations, after 20+ years of a diet restricted by medication and various treatments. i want to be healthy, but i want to experience and enjoy all of life’s offerings. i’ve also lost my love of cooking and it has become a chore. i want to bring it back. i want to fall in love again and mend our relationship, so it is filled with light and joy in each other’s company. i did receive messages about some next steps - take charge of your own well-being so that you control it not an external force, and try new recipes so that it is exploratory and fun. plus, access support from those who have the right skills and experiences - aka, see a desi nutritionist.

sometimes things feel very complex - like finding one’s life purpose. other things feel challenging - like being a grown woman and feeding yourself nutritious and delicious meals daily. but things are perhaps simpler than they seem - do the one thing that is right in front of you, that would make a huge difference to your quality of life. for me, that sounds like it’s in the food and nutrition realm, so perhaps i’m about to start dating cooking. i’ll try one new thing. if i like it, i’m open to more. plus, it’s always fun to cook with company so hit me up if you’d like to join the party. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Manhattan to medication to meditation….

We love Manhattan. It’s clear. If one of us has to go on a day off, we tend to make a date of it. Today for me was the gastroenterologist’s office as Tiara headed to yoga, sitting by the fountain at the base of Central Park…..delicious warm kale and quinoa bowl …. looking for parking…. inside the park…..seeing the police and trusting signs…... family conversations on text and story-telling….move-watching……conversations…writing. Here I am, feeling full and incomplete at the same time.

Doc gave me a diet chart / recommendations on how to reduce abdominal pain and discomfort and bloating. The medical system used to frustrate me a lot, even cause intense suffering. While that’s legit and still so many people’s experience, I have come to have a different attitude and approach that is infinitely more bearable. I am now patient and accept that this is steady, ongoing work. I don’t go to see a doctor with all my hopes in one basket, or a prayer-filled heart desperately seeking. Now, I write a POP (my desired outcomes from the visit) and make sure I share them during the meeting. I am better at gleaning relevant information, asking the necessary questions to complete my picture, and balancing my effort with gratitude for all that I am receiving. These days I am especially grateful for a robust health insurance, and going to town on it.

Earlier, I used to get disappointed when tests did not reveal anything because I had no further clarity, but now I see that getting the test done is actually the win. I have eliminated a potential root cause, or additional problem. So every test coming back either negative is a success, or positive adds to clarity and I am feeling so strong and clear and grateful and focused. I’m meeting competent healthcare staff who are also learning and changing from their medical experiences, just like me. So once I’ve eliminated all the options, I’ll be left with so many things still within my power to change – exercise, meditation, nutrition. I read that somewhere recently and it struck a powerful chord. I would also add self-love to that. Perhaps that happens in meditation already, or perhaps it happens through our exercise and nutrition choices. I don’t know, I’ve never been 100% disciplined about any of these.

The only thing I’ve ever had a 100% success rate for, was from the ages of 5 to 20 in taking medication and following medical treatments to the T. I did it out of a sense of conscience, my mom was investing so much heart and energy into my healing, I felt like my body was her body. And it was, it came from her. We are a part of each other. It took me a while to realize this, perhaps until now. We do contract together and bloom together, and there are others attached to our stems and leaves and petals. The family ecosystem breathes as a whole living organism. This family is heart and blood and choice and soul and many generations ago and beyond. This is the heart of the universe.

As I was saying, about medication, so after the age of 21, when I met Guruji, it was over. No more meds for me. And although I’ve even gone back and forth on that too over the years from then until 32/now, I could never again have 100% success rate at any of those life discipline things. The perfectly-following-a-set-of-instructions streak is broken. Who knows, maybe that’s a good thing, something that is my constant imperfection and humanity. And who else know, maybe that’s a terrible thing that I need to spiritually improve upon. I go back and forth.

Maybe I wasn’t perfectly following a set of instructions all that time. What if I was learning necessary anchors for living – routine and surrender? This could be just the mantra I need as I try to rebuild my connection to and practice of yoga.